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Blue Goldstone Meanings, Uses and Healing Properties  

Blue Goldstone Meanings, Uses and Healing Properties  

There’s no gold in blue goldstone, but there is sand quartz that creates glass. Considered a gemstone, blue sandstone was invented in the 17th century by a Venetian family. Believed to open the galaxies on your astral travel and bring luck, blue gold stone is a manifestation stone. Called the wishing stone in other cultures, blue stone with gold is a mystic stone. Let us explore the blue goldstone meanings, uses and healing properties in detail today.  

Blue Goldstone Meaning

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The essence and meaning of blue type of goldstone is ambition. It is a stone of desires and dreams. Giver of hope and light, blue sand stone is believed to be the best stone for empaths. It can enhance your telepathy and spiritual awareness. It resets your life and invites new and winning opportunities into your life. Blue gold type stone is one for acceptance and faith too.

Is Blue Goldstone the Same as Blue Sandstone?

Yes, blue type of goldstone and blue sandstone are the same thing. That is because it is made from sand into glass and then goldstone. The sparkles on the stone gives it the name goldstone while sandstone is more accurate of its value.

Is Blue Goldstone Natural?

No. Goldstone or sandstone is made from sand into glass. And then infused with other materials to make goldstone.

Is Blue Sandstone Goldstone Manmade? How Is Blue Sandstone Made?

Yes, blue sandstone is a manmade gemstone. It is made by creating glass out of quartz sand and then infusing copper, manganese, cobalt or chromium particles to create blue sand type of stone.

What is Blue Sandstone Chakra?

Throat Chakra is the first chakra opened by using blue sandstone. It gives you the power to speak up without fear. The stone of courage and self-confidence, blue sandstone also helps you find the truth. It is a destiny stone to hold close to your heart.

Heart Chakra is the second chakra charged by using a sandstone in blue. It increases your blood circulation and makes you feel strong. The stamina stone also makes you healthier and fitter. Heart chakra vibrations of blue type of goldstone can help you in attracting love from others towards you.

Crown Chakra is the chakra located over your head. It connects you to the etheric realm to seek guidance. An intuitive chakra, crown chakra powers helps you broaden your spiritual awareness too.

Which is Blue Gold type stone Zodiac?

Sagittarius is the official zodiac sign for blue sandstone . Sagittarius birthstone blue sand stone can help in calming down and brewing positive energies in your life. It is a stone of peace and destiny. Sagittarians will feel their willpower and self-esteem enhanced in the company of blue sandstone.

Blue Sandstone Uses

Blue type of Goldstone properties are spread across the physical, emotional and spiritual healing. We will learn about what is blue gold type of stone good for today. Goldstone Ring is known to intersperse with your aura to make it brighter. What are the power powers of blue kind of goldstone? Let’s find out!  

·      Empathic Stone for Emotional Balance

The best stone for those you want to listen more, blue sandstone is telepathic too. It can transform you into an empath and help to understand others around you. Blue sandstone powers are not limited to humans as you will be able to communicate with nature too. It brings you emotional stability and peace. If you’re going through grief, blue sandstone can transform your feelings into productive actions.

·      Self-Acceptance and Self-Confidence Booster

When you handle the energy of blue sandstone, you feel enthusiastic. That’s because it has the power to teach you self-acceptance. You will no longer find self-pity. It helps you accept your reality and move forward. For those of you feeling low, blue sandstone keeps you busy. It helps you speak up, thereby boosting your self-confidence. You will hear your inner voice clearly, and express it even more vividly.

·      Soothing for Stress, Tension and Sorrow

Blue sandstone is also good for busting stress. It is an aide stone in grief and heartbreak too. When you’re overwhelmed by work or anxiety, grab blue sandstone. The energy you feel from the stone will soothe you and calm you. It is helpful for relaxation and hence best kept on the bedside table too. Blue sand stone can help you wind down at the end of day and keep emotional attacks away from you.

·      Good for Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming

Do you like to travel the universe? Well, now you have the perfect buddy to take with you! Whether you’re trying lucid dreaming or astral travel, blue sand stone can take you to all those sparkling worlds. Hold it close or keep it under your pillow when you go to sleep. It will help you communicate with your subconscious and travel the universe safely.

·      Replacement for Green Aventurine Crystal

The best substitute for the heart chakra energies of a green aventurine, blue variety of goldstone can make you feel warm and happy too. It is a stone that can fill your heart chakra with energies of harmony and satisfaction. Just like a green aventurine, it brings prosperity when kept in the southeast corner of your house after setting intention.

How To Cleanse Blue Sandstone?

You need to cleanse every stone you get. It might have absorbed bad vibrations and energies that can prevent your actions or intentions from being manifested. That’s why you need a powerful method to clean or dispel the negativity sediment on your blue type goldstone. It must’ve picked it up along the way and it is best if you don’t touch it until you clean the stone.

  • Take your blue sandstone in your left hand.
  • Take a clear quartz wand in the right hand.
  • Circle the right hand with the wand over the left hand thrice.
  • Do it before and after you use the crystal.

You can also substitute clear quartz wand with a selenite or black tourmaline wand to cleanse your blue sandstone.


Learned all the mystic powers of blue goldstone? If you have any more doubts about this manmade gemstone, feel free to ask us in the comments below!

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