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Black Opal Ring Powers, Meanings and Uses

Black Opal Ring Powers, Meanings and Uses

An elite crystal treasured by crystal users and collectors across the world, black opal ring is a powerful stone to attract wealth and purify your space. Black opal meaning is ‘genuine’. It encourages the users to be genuine, honest and fully yourself. Wearing black opal ring can lead your way to the destiny while helping you tackle the obstacles.

Found in limited supply, there’s not much known about the metaphysics of black opals. Today we are going to enlighten you all about the black opals and black opal ring powers you need to know!

What Is Black Opal Stone?

A hydrated amorphous silica, black opal symbolizes peace and goodwill. It is a natural wonder that shows an iridescence of multiple colors from green to orange and yellow on it. Legends believe opals were made at the point where rainbow begins. Each black opal is a rainbow of hope!

Black Opal Ring Crystal

When you set a black opal in a ring, it is called a black opal ring. You can make your own or buy yours from online stores like AtPerry’s with FREE delivery right to your doorstep!

Where To Buy Black Opal Ring?

Are you looking for black opal ring online? Perhaps you want to gift black opal ring to a dear one and need to find a credible store to make your crystal purchase from. Let us help you out!

  • AtPerrys is a legit New Age Store with 10,000+ verified reviews of healing crystals and crystal jewelry. You can browse black opals.
  • Amazon store has many options of black opals for you to buy from.
  • Etsy is another easier option to order your black opal ring quickly.

How To Clean Black Opal Ring?

If you just received a black opal ring, it is necessary to clean it first. You can do it in many ways, but we will describe one for your ease-

  • Take a selenite wand in the right hand.
  • Take your black opal ring in the left hand.
  • Circle the right hand over the left thrice.
  • Do it before and after crystal sessions.

How to Wear Black Opal Ring? Which Hand to Wear Black Opal Ring?

For every crystal, there is a dominant hand and finger that brings the most potential when worn on it. If you have a black opal ring, you must wear it on the ring finger on every Friday evening. First Friday of the month has the most power when you wear a black opal ring. It will help you manifest your desires and requirements.

How to Identify Black Opal?

When you’re looking for the right black opal, the first thing to look for is a spiritual connection. Does the picture or video call out to you? Do you make a connection with the crystal? Find it out by gazing into the picture of the black opal ring to buy before you purchase it.

To identify a black opal crystal from other gemstones and fakes, you can watch this video below.

Which Is the Black Opal Chakra?

If you’re in love with black opal ring, you need to know about the metaphysical abilities of this crystal. Sacral Chakra is the seat of your kundalini energy. This is where your life force rests. By opening your sacral chakra and aligning it, you’re opening up your soul to healing energies.

As black opal rings also empower the Solar Plexus Chakra, you will find better immunity and resistance to diseases. Wearing black opal ring can also stimulate your strength and stamina.

Who Is the Ruling Planet Of Black Opal?

Venus is the ruler of Black opal. She is the goddess of beauty and love.

When you wear a black opal ring, it attracts charm and auric glow to you. People will be influenced by you. Wherever you go, you will attract attention of the people around you.

Black Opal Ring: How Much Worth

If you’re wondering how much is black opal worth, you’ve come to the right place. It can start from a few dollars and rise as high as $20,000 USD per carat. From the pattern to its iridescence, there are many things that affect the price and value of black opals.


Found your dream black opal ring? Share your #OpalStory with us in the comments below. Our community will help you resolve problems with black opal too.

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