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Black Jade Uses Explained with Ways to Use it at Home

Black Jade Uses Explained with Ways to Use it at Home

While jade is prominently seen in a soft green color, there is a variety of jade called black jade that occurs naturally. It is a powerful psychic protection stone that repels evil eye and energy attacks. When you know black jade uses, you can conquer any challenge and attain your destiny. It is the stone of vision and fulfillment.

If you have a black jade, this post will teach you everything about cleaning it, using it and charging it for manifestation of your desires. Let’s get started!

What is Black Jade?

Black Jade Uses Explained with Ways to Use it at Home

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Essentially a jade that contains dark minerals like omphacite jade and black hornblende jade besides iron oxide and graphite is called a black jadeite. There are two types of black jades- black jadeite and nephrite jade. In fact, black jade is a Metamorphic rock with MOHS hardness of 6.5 to 7. Hence, remember Black jade pendant is not very strong and may break upon fall.

Black Jade Meanings

Black Jade meaning is protection and safety. It is the stone that beckons the powers of multiple goddesses from Bona Dea (Fertility and Earth Goddess) to Kuan-Yin (Goddess of Mercy), Moirae (Three Goddess of Fate) and Maat (Goddess of Justice).  The meaning of black jade is psychic protection unlike love of green jade. This type of jade brings you lower chakra powers to awaken your life force energy and earth connection.

Is Black Jade Expensive?

Is black jade valuable? Yes, the truth is, black jadeite is expensive while nephrite black jade is not that pricey to find in the market. The discerning quality is that jadeite black is harder with a mellow luster unlike nephrite jade.

Why Does Jade Turn Black?

Wearing jade in chlorine water and exposure to sunlight are two major causes of jade turning black. Did your green jade turn black? There are sellers from China who bury jade under the earth for days to make it look antique.

Does Jade Glow in The Dark?

Does your jade glow in the dark? Are you sure it’s black? That’s because Black jade has the ability to glow under UV light. You can use this to test if you have a real black jade.  

How Can You Tell If Black Jade Is Real?

You bought yourself a new black jade. Now, you wanna know if what you have is actually real. How to do check? When you hold the stone against light, if you see green color around the edges, it’s a real  black jade. You can also do the standard jade test by warm up the stone to check if it stays cold.

Where Is Black Jade Found?

There is only one known source of black jade in the world. That is in the U.S.A, specifically in Wyoming, California. You must remember if your black jade comes from somewhere else, chances are, it’s a fake.

What Is Black Jade Chakra?

Sacral Chakra is the dominant chakra in a black jade. It is where your kundalini energy or the sexual energy rest. Called the life force point, black jade helps you reclaim your ambitions, passions and hidden talents. It is the stone to awaken your life’s purpose and the sight of destiny within you. Wearing black jade on your sacral chakra attracts luck towards you.

Root Chakra is also the power source behind black jade uses. It is located at the end of your spine. This is where you connect to Mother Gaia or Earth. You will be able to renew this connection to find balance and stability in life. Black jade works on the first chakra of base to make you feel positive and optimistic.

Which Is Black Jade Zodiac?

Libra is the official zodiac sign of gemstone black jade. The stone will help you find decisiveness and action. It will protect you against mistakes and polish your wisdom. Your nature of being insensitive will be transformed into concern and care. Jade in black also removes your fears and phobias completely.

Taurus is the second zodiac sign for black jade. If you’re a Taurus, you should wear black jade on you. It will make you an empath who listens and understands your peers. It will make you committed and devoted towards your goals. You will no longer feel possessive or guilty in life.

Black Jade Uses: What Is Black Jade Good for?

Did you just treat yourself to a new black jade? Then, you MUST do one of the following. Black jade uses mentioned below are just a tip of the iceberg. Spend more time with the stone to understand what you need to do with it. The universe will communicate with you once you bond with a black jadeite.

·      Psychic Protection with Black Jade

The first power of jade in black is the protection it gives. Evil eye will never touch you. Those who hate you will not be able to do anything to you. Energy attacks will be dispelled back to the sender.  If you have a lot of enemies, it is best to wear a black jade always. You will feel strong with a bright aura. When you place a black jade in your pocket wherever you go, it will create a cocoon of energy around you.

·      Black Jade for Emotional Control

Anxiety is the root cause of many problems in the 21st century. Black jade helps you combat the stress and worrying by filling you with confidence. It can bring you the power of truth and charisma. All you need to do is circle the black jade thrice over your head to do so.

·      Harmony and Respect Using Black Jade

Looking for peace? Perhaps you’re restless and want to get over your insatiation. Black jade can help you find satisfaction and peace. It will harmonize your relationship by influencing your aura and how you affect people around you. Place it in the southwest direction of your home to attract peace and harmony into your living space.

·      Black Jade for Joint Pain and Arthritis

Are you suffering from pain in the joints? Whether it is age or injury, you need a powerful stone to accelerate healing. For bone health, nothing supersedes the powers of jade in black. You can use the crystal patch method where you place the crystal on the affected area and tie it with a silk cloth for ten minutes-30 minutes.

·      Wealth and Prosperity From Black Jade

Good fortune is a benefit of placing black jade in the central room of your house. It brings winning opportunities and power to conquer challenges to all the members of your household. 


Smitten by black jade? Share your black jade experiences with our crystal loving community below!

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