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Beginner’s Guide to Crystal or Yoni Eggs and Kegel Exercise

Beginner’s Guide to Crystal or Yoni Eggs and Kegel Exercise

Practiced over 5000 years ago for relaxing the aching muscles of the pelvis, Yoni Eggs do wonders during delivery. The essential female stone is also an excellent way to rekindle the passion of arousal and sexuality. The powerful magic of love exercise used with Yoni or Jade Eggs is exquisite, complex and effective.

What are Yoni Eggs?

Beginner’s Guide to Crystal or Yoni Eggs and Kegel Exercise

Translated from Sanskrit as ‘Vagina’, Yoni is a term synonymous with fertility and womanhood. Yoni Eggs are used to lubricate your pelvic walls and ease the tension in your contraction muscles around the genitalia. Regularly doing kegel exercises in the morning and evening will improve your libido, emotional stability, response rate, optimism and relaxation.

How to do Kegel Exercise with Crystal Eggs

Beginner’s Guide to Crystal or Yoni Eggs and Kegel Exercise

Gemstones and healing crystals have long been part of the magical history of humanity. Using the right crystals, doing the Kegel Exercises appropriately improves your sexual instincts. Used regularly it will set your reproductive cycle into a healthy mode eradicating painful menstruations and mood swings.

The long-term effects include easiness of climaxing during sex for women, in addition to peace during the day.

What do you need?

Beginner’s Guide to Crystal or Yoni Eggs and Kegel Exercise

  1. Crystals: Depending on the crystals you prefer, choose appropriately shaped Yoni Eggs.
  2. Tub: You can do the kegel exercise in a water for better lubrication and cleansing.
  3. Water and Soap: To clean the egg after the kegel exercise;
  4. Private Space: A place you can relax without the intrusion of others;
  5. Yoga Mat: To use during the Kegel Exercise;

How to do a Kegel Exercise?

Beginner’s Guide to Crystal or Yoni Eggs and Kegel Exercise

An easy exercise to add to your morning and bedtime schedule, Kegel Exercise needs not more than five to fifteen minutes every day. As a crystal egg is around the size of two fingers, you need to lubricate the yoni before starting. You can use safe anti-fragrant lubrication such as coconut oil or petroleum jelly for a smooth session of kegel exercise with crystal yoni eggs.

  • Clear and clean your crystals eggs for kegel exercise and activation of the feminine energy.
  • If you do not produce natural lubrication enough to insert the crystal egg, use a lubricant such as a coconut oil or jelly.
  • An important part of kegel exercise is the arousal. If the vaginal walls are not naturally lubricated, it will be tough for your body to pull in or push out the crystal egg.
  • With the wider end of the crystal egg pointing into the vagina, insert the yoni egg while standing up with slightly bent hips.
  • Clench your fists and breathe in slowly.
  • Now hold your breath for a few minutes and repeat the exercise for up to 15 minutes.
  • Afterward, wash your crystals as well as a private area with warm water.

Right Yoni Eggs for Kegel Exercise

Beginner’s Guide to Crystal or Yoni Eggs and Kegel Exercise

A yoni egg should connect with the vagina to work effectively. You can try sophisticated exercises such as weight lifting and racing with the kegel exercise to keep your vaginal walls healthy. Using the crystals below you can do the kegel exercise for superlative effects.

·         Jade

100% Natural Jade Yoni Egg for Kegel Exercise 3 pcs. (1set) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

For sensual pelvic exercises that help to tighten your vagina, Jade yoni eggs are perfect. Try our easy and 100% safe Jade Yoni eggs with threads at the end for effortlessly weight lifting and reversing the aging of your libido.

·         Obsidian

Natural Obsidian Jade Yoni Egg for Kegel Exercise 3 pcs. (1 set) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

If you’re worried about yeast infections or threats to your fertility, using black obsidian yoni eggs will cleanse your vagina to douche and clean the negativity heaped within. Hurry and grab a pair of these set of black obsidian crystal eggs once every week for keeping your private area clean and healthy.

·         Green Jade

Drilled Natural Green Jade Yoni Eggs for Kegel Exercise (3 eggs) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

An exclusively soft and feminine healing crystal, soft green jade is the totem of women with softer nature or undergoing clinical depression or emotional traumas. An ancient stone known for letting go of deep spiritual and emotional wounds, Green Jade is also apt for moving on in life. Green Jade yoni eggs can raise your body vibrations to calm you as well as reset your sensuality clock.

Try this Green Jade Yoni Eggs if you’ve been feeling dry, worn out or ruptured from your feelings and emotions.

·         Rose Quartz

Eggs Natural Gemstone Bell Chakra Healing Reiki Stone Carved Crafts - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Yet another important crystal responsible for feminine cleansing and rejuvenation, rose quartz yoni eggs are excellent to instill feelings of letting go off your emotional baggage. Try this rose quartz yoni eggs to cultivate love vibrations to heal and clean your vagina every day.

Before you go …

Beginner’s Guide to Crystal or Yoni Eggs and Kegel Exercise

If you’re worried about the crystal egg getting stuck within your vagina, do not worry as all you have to do is lie down and relax or laugh. Ensure that you’re not using egg too small for your genitalia or lying down. Moreover, pregnant or menstruating women should never insert the egg in the cervical cavity.

Yoni eggs are the best gift to give any woman; try it right away.

Stay powerful!

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