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Apophyllite Meaning and Metaphysical Uses

Apophyllite Meaning and Metaphysical Uses

Do you know Apophyllite is not a mineral? It is the term to describe three varieties of minerals. That’s not all! Apophyllite is blessed by the energy of the planet Venus. It brings harmony and luck to two zodiac signs. Perhaps you know how Apophyllite affects the mind. Is it a higher chakra or a lower chakra stone? Today we are going to learn all about Apophyllite in detail so that if you just ordered yours, you can start working its mystical energies right away!  

Apophyllite Meaning: Where is it from?

Apophyllite Meaning and Metaphysical Uses

Originating from the Greek word ‘get’ for leaf because of the way it scales off and falls like leaves upon heating, Apophyllite is a collector’s dream crystal. It brings abundance and intuition to the person who touches and bonds with an Apophyllite. By bringing stability to traumatic physique, emotions and spirit, Apophyllite ensures balance.  

Meaning of Apophyllite is guidance and happiness. It leads you to the destiny you must reach!  

What Is Apophyllite? Is Apophyllite a Quartz?

We learned the word meaning and origin of Apophyllite, but what exactly is this crystal in the scientific way? Apophyllite is hydrated potassium calcium sodium silicate fluoride. That’s why we reminded you, it’s not a mineral. While it looks and associates with quarts, Apophyllite is not a quartz. Apophyllite usually forms rectangular prisms and double terminations are rare.

Color Varieties of Apophyllite

If you’re smitten by this beautiful crystal Apophyllite, you’re not alone. Apophyllite can be seen in wide varieties. But, basically it is the group of three minerals- fluorapophyllite, hydroxyapophyllite and natroapophyllite.  

The fluoro Apophyllite is the colorful of the three showing yellow to violet colors including green. Hydroxy shows the highest hydroxyl crystals with white or colorless hues. Natro Apophyllite is brown, yellow or colorless too.

·      Green Apophyllite

Seen in emerald green to olivine hues, green Apophyllite is a mother gaia connection stone. It calms you down and makes you completely aware of your reality.

·      Apophyllite Stilbite

Orange to yellow colors of Apophyllite shows the unique colors due to stilbite. It is seen in green colors too. Apophyllite stilbite is excellent for communicating with spirit guides and animals.

·      Pink Apophyllite

Seen as a pink druzy stone with Rhodonite hues, pink apophyllites help you connect to the angelic realm, high above.

·      Apophyllite Scolecite

When Apophyllite forms at the tips of scolecite like a bouquet it is called Apophyllite scolecite. A rare stone, it is the best crystal for balance and stability as well as to ward of bad mojo!

What Is the Ruling Planet Of Apophyllite?

Venus is the ruler of Apophyllite. She blesses the uses of Apophyllite with beauty, charm and charisma. You will feel the world uplifted with your touch when you are blessed by Venus through Apophyllite. Venus is the ruler of love too. She attracts people who will bring you care, concern and love. When you spend time with an Apophyllite in the morning before sunrise, you are seeking the blessings of Venus!

What Is the Numerical Vibration Of Apophyllite?

4 is the natural numerical vibration of the crystal Apophyllite. It is the number of the being. Four brings protection and safety to the wearer. Apophylite vibrates at the number four because it grounds your negativity away. If you see number 4 in your life while meditating with Apophyllite, it means your hard work will be rewarded.

What Is the Origin Of Apophyllite?

While the most famous Apophyllite comes from India and U.S.A, it is found in Iceland too. Other popular destination for gorgeous Apophyllite is Japan. You can also find Apophyllite in Brazil, Scotland, Canada, Mexico, Norway and Northern Ireland.

Which Is the Apophyllite Chakra?

Being a powerful stone that beckons the powers of the angels and spirit guides, Apophylite awakens your Third eye chakra in addition to Crown, Heart and Soma chakras. What does it mean? You’re blessed if Apophyllite comes into your life! It hard to get your hands on it!

With crown chakra, your intuition will awaken, third eye will open your spiritual eye, heart chakra will help you soak in divine love and soma gives your thoughts immortality.  

What is the Feng Shui Of Apophyllite?

Metal Element crystal Apophyllite brings harmony, wherever you keep it. Feng shui direction for Apophyllite is based on your chosen sacred area. Apophyllite is best placed on an altar!

What Is the Apophyllite Zodiac?

If you want to unlock the secret potential of Apophyllite, you need to be one of the two lucky zodiac signs- Gemini or Libra. I’m a Sagittarian and I unlocked it, but all I’m saying is that a Gemini or a Libra will have an easy time at it than a Sagittarian like me.

How to Clean Apophyllite?

  • Take your Apophyllite in the right hand.
  • Place it in a Tibetan Bowl.
  • Take the wooden mallet.
  • Rub the edges of the bowl to create sound.
  • Continue for 5 minutes.

Apophyllite: What Is Apophyllite Good for?

Benefits and uses of Apophyllite are many. Hence, we will discuss the top properties of Apophyllite you can start using it home.

·      Harmony and Guidance

A celestial stone of higher vibrations, Apophyllite is good for spreading love and harmony. It brings you relaxation and focus. Apophyllite can be kept in your living room to prevent feuds or angry outbursts.

·      Intuition and Dream Recall

If you’re looking for psychic benefits, Apophyllite is the best stone to start your journey with. Place it on your crown chakra or third eye chakra and doze off. You will know the beauty of going through different incarnations.

·      Angelic Communication

Another popular use of Apophyllite stone is communicating with angels and spirits. It will help you communicate with your subconscious too. All you need to do is meditate with the stone every morning before sunrise!


Apophyllite crystal is a sacred stone. If you’re wondering how to cut Apophyllite or how to break Apophyllite for jewelry, ping us below in the comments.

If you have an Apophyllite and wants to charge the stone, don’t hesitate to share your doubts and comments below. Our crystal community loves it!


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