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Affordable Fashion Essentials For Every Woman

Affordable Fashion Essentials For Every Woman

Metal accessories are made from hard metals such as zircon, zinc and silver can make electricity flow from the metal onto the skin, therefore eradicating many serious diseases such as organ failures. Wearing the below metal accessories not only makes you healthier, but also trendier.

13 Jewelry for a Quick Makeover

Affordable Fashion Essentials for every woman

In this age of revolution and modernization at the fingertips, we have compiled the best picks of neckpieces and earrings to celebrate Valentine’s Day Makeover with. Affordable necklaces that are true statement makers with strong ideologies such as ‘Hand of God’ and ‘Pentagram’ our compilation is voguish too.

1.      Coin Drop Earrings

Turkish Coin Drop Earrings - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

An ethnic and chic looking earring to pair with any casual partywear, this lovely coin drop necklace is made of Turkish metal representing the Turkish Coins. The intricate sketches on the coin represent color energies of silver and gold.  Turkish coin drops are ideal gifts as it draws on the tradition of gifting during rituals.

2.      Dandelion Crystal Ball Pendant

Dandelion Crystal Ball Pendant

One of the most unique pendants to wear on your heart chakra, Dandelion crystal symbolizes emotional freedom as it heals inner wounds. The dandelion pendant absorbs and resonates the warmth of the morning sun and extrapolates your joy. Wearing the pendant is also effective to make your wish come true.

3.      Bikini Chain

Sexy Gold/Silver Bikini Chain

A fashionable jewelry to wear on a bask on the beach, our hot snake chain with crystals has 1 cm round pendant patterns around it. The bikini chain is easy to pair with any swimsuit and is safe to wear underwater although to keep the shine for long, it is best to take it off when going in the water.

4.      Leaves Earrings

Trendy Fallen Leaves Stud Earrings - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 2

Made of zinc alloy, the leaves earrings add a Greek touch to your attire. The push-back type of earring is available in color energies such as gold and silver. The feather type of earrings is perfect to pair with formal attire as well as casual wears.

5.      Vintage Turkish Mid Ring

Flower Vintage Turkish Mid Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3

A gorgeous Turkish ring with hand jewelry, Vintage Turkish Mid-Ring is an embellished crystal jewelry fit for events and festive occasions. The mid rings highlight your attire as well as strengthen your aura as it covers the pressure points of your hand in addition to being pretty.

6.      Pentagram Pentacle

Pentagram Pentacle Angel Wings Pendant - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

If you’re drawn to ‘Magick than magic’, this winged Pentagram Pentacle will shield you in quests and goals. Made out of link chain pattern, the pentagram pentacle is a unisex jewelry with a 50cm length. Wearing this feather type of pentagram pentacle is voguish to pair with most jewelry.

7.      Hollow Fringed Feathers

Hollow Fringed Feathers Long Paragraph Earrings - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

An attractive earring made out of resin and zinc alloy, hollow fringed feathers earring is a romantic gift for a pretty lady, any day. Essential beachwear, the hollow fringed feathers also have blue maroon and red balls on its metallic dangles.

8.      Bohemian bracelet

Gold Hippie Bohemian Bracelet - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

A hippie bracelet set in the amber shade, the bracelet consists of two patterns the smiling crescent with a 5-headed star. It is believed to bring good luck, fortune and wealth during the worst of situations too.  

9.      Peacock Crystal Rhinestone Bangle Cuff

Peacock Crystal Rhinestone Bangle Cuff Jewelry - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Yet another unique jewelry to wear for a strong personality marker, Peacock Crystal rhinestone bangle cuff consists of multiple crystals on the copper alloy. The animal shaped bangle cuff is silver plated and extends up to 7 inches in length and can be worn in many varieties.

10.  Lace Flower

White Flower Pearl Lace Choker

With a bronze vintage luxurious pattern of lace flower, this Bronze necklace is a European set. With intricate design stretching up to 48 cm, the bronze necklace is a zinc alloy metal jewelry in shape of plants. The lace flower necklace is clever to pair with executive and casual wear too.

11.  Crystal Scorpio Bracelet

Crystal Scorpio Bracelet

Available in gold and silver, this crystal scorpio bracelet is a plant shaped jewelry in the trendy charm bracelet. The Scorpio bracelet is made of zinc alloy and is perfect for women’s wear as it also claims invisible link chain type too.

Try this with an evening wear or costume party to spice up your personality.

12.  Candy Collar

Candy Color Collar Necklace

The epitome of elegance and charm, this Candy collar necklace is set in link chain in an amber hue with three color stones such as orange, black, indigo, aquamarine, blue and pearl. Candy collar is a captivating neck piece stretching up to 47cm, ideal to wear multiple ways.

Before you go …

Metal accessories highlight your attire and add spice to your personality than singly standout. The most important tip to easily carry a metal accessory is to wear it beforehand. Getting a feel of how the jewelry will fit on you judges how well you will be able to carry it.

Try one of the above and let us know what your friend told you.

Stay powerful!

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