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8 Ways to Heal Your Soul with Crystals for Greed

8 Ways to Heal Your Soul with Crystals for Greed

All of us are a mix of positive and negative values, such that it is natural to occasionally, lose the edge of on reality, fantasizing for gluttony than what you need. Greed is dangerous because it is where addiction begins. Your irrefutable urge to shop, eat or spend time and energy on things you like more than the ordinary or necessary amount, is categorized as greed.

Gemstone for Greed and Gluttony

8 Ways To Heal Your Soul With Crystals for Greed

We title greed as discontent that drives you mad just like chasing the dragon that never is. Greed can happen with things people and even thoughts. We all possess our very own meanings for greed.

How do you define Greed?

8 Ways To Heal Your Soul With Crystals for Greed

Greed is a natural emotion that stems from having or not having. Moreover, today each of us is conditioned from a tender young age on how more is always better. Sprouting from our imaginative sector of the brain, it is best to realize and nip greed in the bud to remain peaceful and content in life. Greed grows like a weed and infests the complete thought process if you do not have clarity in your thoughts and actions.

Gemstones can be helped to understand higher chakras such as Crown, Third Eye, Heart, Solar Plexus and Root Chakras to balance your emotions with your reality. Not only do gemstones save the person from undue gluttony and greed or addiction towards everything that glitters gold, it also gives a new direction to life wherein you hate greed altogether and avoid it at all costs.

Greed leaves us in a never-ending vicious trap where there is no abyss of happiness. So, if you find it hard to give up on greed, use the right gemstones to help yourself from within.

How Can I Use Healing Crystals for Greed and its Complete Removal

8 Ways To Heal Your Soul With Crystals for Greed

Also termed as the extremely selfish and narcissistic desire for something, Healing Crystals can be used to uproot root this narrow-minded thought process. Gemstones can be used on such avarice by making the person realize how important the traits such as gratitude, humility, peace, happiness and positivity are.

·         Rose Quartz for Jealousy

Rose Quartz

If the green monster of envy is where you collect your fuel for greed, Rose Quartz will dawn you with a breeze of relief. To curb temptations and appreciates the good in others than toxicate it, Rose Quartz can be used as a jewelry, gem elixir or pendulum to program your heart chakra to dispel jealousy, which often leads to greed.

·         Aquamarine for Self-Satisfaction

Without being content in how and why you live, there is no happiness or peace. For the same, you must start with dividing your time into things that elate you. Gemstone Aquamarine is ideal to calm down the deadly addiction named greed as it broadens how content you feel about your own possessions. The ocean green gemstone activates the throat chakra and helps the wearer express emotions clearly without piling up envy or greed.

·         Carnelian for Enlightenment

8 Ways To Heal Your Soul With Crystals for Greed

To be part of something is different from merely appreciating the same. Carnelian evokes feelings of oneness and connection with nature amongst people who charge their Base and Sacral Chakras. From healing physical wounds to deep personal wounds and freedom from the same, regular Carnelian directs the wearer into divine enlightenment.

·         Amber for Clearing Negativity  

8 Ways To Heal Your Soul With Crystals for Greed

An empowering stone that simultaneously flushes out toxins from your mental and spiritual self, Amber is a purification stone. A must-have gem for those who want to explore their true potential, Amber resolves greed and envy as well.

Amber activates the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra to fill you from within, mentally and physically.

·         Peridot for Broadening the Perspective  

8 Ways To Heal Your Soul With Crystals for Greed

Activating the Higher Heart or the Thymus Chakra is the quintessential symptom of a functional gem such as Peridot. An amazing and overwhelming gemstone, Peridot protects the wearer from evil eye and temptations. According to older scriptures from crystal users, Peridot also repels demons of Greed and Envy from the heart of the wearer.

·         Topaz for Cravings

8 Ways To Heal Your Soul With Crystals for Greed

Our own urges and secret fantasies are what add to greed and in its culmination, envy. If you can cut your cravings or urges towards things that you’re naturally attracted to such as fine jewelry, food, physical appeal and money with Topaz, it can help you focus on other important parts of the life. While narcotics pull you with physical and negative withdrawals, petty addictions gnaw on your psyche just as a substance addiction!

Blue Topaz is ideal for activating the Third Eye to prevent the wearer from falling into the vicious cycle of greed.

·         Amazonite for Selfishness

8 Ways To Heal Your Soul With Crystals for Greed

Yet another soothing stone that helps the wearer see the truth and remove greed by awakening patience and dispelling selfishness. Amazonite is ideal for compulsive narcissists as it stimulates imagination and compassion in addition to introducing positivity in your aura!

What we recommend

8 Ways To Heal Your Soul With Crystals for Greed

Gemstones can remove greed from the heart through lessons of enlightenment, humility, thankfulness and peace. Take a look at the following gemstones and let us know which made you feel empty or calm deep inside.

Rose Quartz Gold Plated NecklacePeridot White Gold Filled Olive Green Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1Water drop Pendulum Chakra healing reiki Crystal Pendants   matans

Tell us all about your experience with the above crystals in the comments section below!

Stay powerful~

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