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8 Secrets You Shouldn't Know About Crystals for Common Cold

8 Secrets You Shouldn't Know About Crystals for Common Cold

Is Common Cold beating life out of you?

We know that the rains are not here yet to whine about the Cold and Flu in your life, but you never know when one may creep up and ruin a perfect schedule! So stay ahead of the symptoms of Common Cold by boosting your immunity with these Crystal Vaccines.

3 Crystal Rituals to Help you Beat the Cold with Healing Crystals

8 Secrets You Shouldn't Know on Crystals For Common Cold

It is not always easy to stay off the chills and ice water that brings common cold with it. If you’re down with the flu or cold, we suggest you calm down first.

Then, throw your blanket, eat the medicines and add these crystal antidotes to your tablet regimen to kick off any Cold in a week!

1.      Steaming with Crystal Infused Water

By adding the right crystals to the water for longer periods of time or under the moon, you also activate the water with the healing properties of the crystal. If you’re suffering from blocked sinuses, use selenite infused water to steam regularly for a quick recovery.

2.      Crystal Sponge Rub

Using warm water, tell your mom, love or body to give you a rejuvenating warm sponge bath using a crystal such as blue lace agate inside the sponge. You can also give a soft massage on the head, throat and heart chakra.

3.      Gems to Meditate

By keeping the right gemstones on your chakras and lying down in a relaxing position, you can clear your ‘dosha’ or toxins blocking the chakras. You can also program crystals to boost your healing process with medicines.

5 Healing Crystals for Cold and Influenza

8 Secrets You Shouldn't Know on Crystals For Common Cold

Gemstones can help in healing your physical disorders when taken with the medicines. Crystals amplify your healing vibrations so make sure to keep yourself filled with positivity to heal. Remember to cleanse the following crystal before using it for Magick Healing.

·         For Coughs: Aquamarine

8 Secrets You Shouldn't Know on Crystals For Common Cold

For all types of sinus blockages including a chronic cough, Aquamarine is the best antidote. Aquamarine activates your throat chakra and relieves bronchitis too. The soft blue energy of Aquamarine is also an excellent pain reliever to use if you’re suffering from joint pains in addition to your fever. A little known secret is that Aquamarine is also an excellent stone for Hay Fever!

·         For Influenza: Fluorite

8 Secrets You Shouldn't Know on Crystals For Common Cold

Potent on all kinds of flu, Fluorite is an eponymous healing crystal that must be periodically massaged on the Solar Plexus for a speedy recovery from any influenza. A very potent gemstone that boosts your immune system, fluorite can also be used to prevent viral infections during the flu season.  

·         For Runny Nose: Clear Quartz

8 Secrets You Shouldn't Know on Crystals For Common Cold

An ultimate cleansing stone known to melt and cleanse toxins, Clear Quartz is excellent to amplify the power of your medicines for a quick cure. If a runny nose is making you extra-lethargic, steaming with water infused with clear quartz also relieve your congestions.

For those of you recovering from a killing fever or common cold, Clear Quartz can fill you with life force when programmed on the Crown Chakra.

·         For Headache: Lapis Lazuli  

8 Secrets You Shouldn't Know on Crystals For Common Cold

By activating your Third Eye Chakra, Lapis Lazuli clears every horrible headache that occurs when your cold is past the runny nose. If you don’t want an unbearable sinus blockage, it is wise to cleanse your Third Eye Chakra using healing crystals or medicines.

·         For Common Cold: Amber

8 Secrets You Shouldn't Know on Crystals For Common Cold

An antiviral and antibacterial healing crystal to keep close to you, Amber relieves colds faster than most crystals. It is ideal to have amber at the centre of your Crystal Grid if common cold is your biggest concern right now.

By wearing or keeping Amber on your Solar Plexus you empower your immune system to cure your cold RIGHT AWAY!

·         For Preventing the Cold: Red Aventurine

8 Secrets You Shouldn't Know on Crystals For Common Cold

A precious healing crystal known to be a crystal cure for the nervous system, Red Aventurine works best on females than males. A cancer healing crystal, Red Aventurine energizes the wearer to beat the fever like a pro. Akin to a crystal vaccination, red aventurine also works after a cold to recharge your chakra. 

Also recommended in severe or chronic colds, Red Aventurine repels negativity. To prevent a cold, avoid dancing in the rain, but also include wearing Red Aventurine always on you!

What we Recommend

8 Secrets You Shouldn't Know on Crystals For Common Cold

If your common cold is just starting or you’re worried if you will catch it from your colleagues, wearing the above crystals will be your best move to save the career. According to our fan mail, these three gemstones are all you need for a complete common cold treatment!

Which is your pick against common cold?

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Crystals can make amplify the rate of recovery and it is always wise to keep a Moonstone in your bag during holidays, just in case …

Have experiences about gemstone therapy for the common cold? We’d love to hear it! Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Stay powerful~

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