7 Things To Do Immediately With Gemstones For Frustration
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by Ceida Uilyc July 26, 2017

As the saying goes, frustration begets anger and anger beget aggression. Frustration is the budding stage of violence.

Frustration is not a surprising new trend or disease; from babies to adults, everyone gets it more than a few times every day!

Effect of Healing Crystals on Frustration, Anger or Violence

7 Things To Do Immediately With Gemstones for Frustration

According to science, frustration when fails to find a vent out via direct reaction follows displaced aggression. Gemstones that activate the heart and throat chakras will help you find belief within oneself while crown or third eye chakras will enlighten you to the real problem.

The first step to getting rid of endless mind chatter, frustration and hopelessness are by citing the root trigger or catalyst to all it.

To beat frustration, you need immense willpower to faith in yourself. Often, when such symptoms are recorded, you can find out if you’re suffering from anxiety attacks or depression via Goldberg Test. In any case, gemstones must be used to help the medications you are currently taking than displacing it.

Explore Healing Crystals for Frustration and Save your Life

7 Things To Do Immediately With Gemstones for Frustration

Frustration is the boiling result of repressed emotions to instability, anger, lack of self-esteem, patience and mindfulness in life. By bonding with comforting crystals that calm you, getting rid of frustrations is easy-peasy!

Use your favorite crystal exercises including gemstone programming, grid, pendulum, amulet bag and yoga to use the following crystals during bouts of frustration, anger and aggression.

1.       Pyrite for Calming Down

7 Things To Do Immediately With Gemstones for Frustration

An excellent crystal that directly calms your nerves, pyrite is a stone of recognition that makes the wearer understand self-worth. Pyrite is known to relieve anxiety, if that is the root of your frustrations. The confidence booster gemstone was revered as a mirror into oneself, and hence, an emphatic antidote for frustrations in everyday life.

Pyrite activates and balances multiple chakras, including the core seven and the etheric chakras.

2.       Kyanite for Repressed Emotions

7 Things To Do Immediately With Gemstones for Frustration

An important mind stone that removes confusions, kyanite does so by venting out repressed emotions. Programming with kyanite gemstone on your higher chakras, especially the throat chakra, will result in voicing your suppressed frustrations instead of a devastating meltdown.

Kyanite emanates stimulating energy that steers logical thought and shows reason during exhausting times in your life. Kyanite is also known to balance all the chakras in the body and hence, behaves as an amplifier with most gemstones. 

3.       Peridot for Realization

7 Things To Do Immediately With Gemstones for Frustration

Can one strike of enlightenment dissolve your fears, agonies, dissatisfactions and regrets? Well, an exceptional healing crystal can do just that! Realization dawns with experience; however, this lovely olivine stone can teach you ways of life that no experience can.

An amazing crystal that comforts the wearer and guides him or her through accepting life, peridot is a higher heart chakra stone.

4.       Amethyst for Stress Relief

7 Things To Do Immediately With Gemstones for Frustration

An exceptional grounding crystal that also clarifies the career goals of the wearer, Amethyst is a perfect antidote for your frustration is stress is your cause. Amethyst is a higher chakra healing crystal with the ability to rewire your mind altogether. Amethyst dispels addictions towards substances as well as people or emotions as well.

For those who’ve had close encounters with clinical depression, Amethyst help in finding that soothing relief for your inner peace. Amethyst activates the Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras when programmed or infused for healing.

5.       Howlite for Comfort

7 Things To Do Immediately With Gemstones for Frustration

The soft white stone is a miraculous crystal with a history of reducing anger as well selfishness that overwhelms in times of aggression. From reasoning to boosting your patience, the howlite gemstone can be used to correct the circadian rhythm of the human body.

The creativity stone is excellent for those suffering from frustration from office work or mid-life crisis. The calming howlite works by awakening the Crown Chakra.

6.       Rose Quartz for Aggression

7 Things To Do Immediately With Gemstones for Frustration

Yet another indispensable gemstone that balms heartbroken and detached, Rose Quartz is the best gem elixir for those suffering from recurrent bouts of frustration. Rose Quartz is an amazing gemstone that brings down anger and causes of frustration with an expanded understanding.

Rose Quartz is a higher heart chakra crystal that dissolves resentment and fear in the wearer as soon it touches the skin.

7.       Hematite for the Mind

7 Things To Do Immediately With Gemstones for Frustration

An ideal stone that divides your frustration energy, Hematite divides frustrating thoughts into logical questions from your subconscious. With regular use of hematite, your brain is rewired too. Anger management is the effect of using hematite for a longer time.

The root chakra crystal balances the mind and helps to see answers that confusions or regrets in life.

What we recommend …

7 Things To Do Immediately With Gemstones for Frustration

Frustration is also born out of lack of vent out of mental and emotional agonies. You must find a medium such as journals, diaries or support groups to emphasize your activities as an emphasis on the fruitfulness and success of your goals!

Which gemstone among the below filled you with a rush of success?

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Stay powerful~




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Ceida Uilyc


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