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7 Mystic Crystal Gifts for Celebrating Christmas

7 Mystic Crystal Gifts for Celebrating Christmas

During the birth of Christ, three wise men cam trotting the hills of far and beyond, with three gifts and that’s how the art of gifting began at Christmas. The Magi gave the lord Frankincense (Incense), Myrrh (Oil) and Gold (Joyful Energy).

What is your gift this Christmas for your family?

Seven Soulful Crystal Gifts for Christmas

The power of a crystal depends on its composition, origin, shape and color. Christmas is a time to share your gift of love and what better than Crystal Gifts for Christmas.

From captivating incense burners to calming osmanthus incense cones, gifting crystal this Christmas will surely bring a big smile to your loved ones. Moreover, in the long run, they will become healthy, happy and richer because of the potent healing power of crystals.

8 Mystic Crystal Gifts for Christmas 2016-1

Your beloved surely needs the best of Attention during the Season of Giving. This winter, raise your love level with your lady by gifting her this captivating pack of 13 Heart Shaped Crystals including the Queen of Love- Rose Quartz priced 60% off exclusively for CHRISTMAS!

The featured crystals in the pack are Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Red Jasper, Tiger Eye, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Green Aventurine, Unakite, Sodalite, Opal and Dalmatian Jasper. The onyx type of crystal set is ideal to boost romantic vibrations and deepen your intimacy as well.

7 Mystic Crystal Gifts for Christmas 2016-2

It never feels satiating when you’re gifting your mother. In fact, there is no such thing as a perfect gift for your mother, until it can provide endlessly and forever. That is where Crystal Gifts fit perfectly. This Christmas, buy your lovely mother this set of 20 therapeutic incense cones and gift her smooth circadian rhythm, positive vibes, happiness, lack of worries, relief and fulfillment.

The pack contains Lavender, Rose, Sakura, Jasmine and Osmanthus. An essential gift for your mother if she doesn’t have already, combine this sweet energy drawing porcelain Lotus incense burner to show your love!

7 Mystic Crystal Gifts for Christmas 2016-3

Friends are irreplaceable and that’s the same reason why we keep them close too. This joyful Christmas, gift your best friend a 100% Authentic and Powerful Natural Crystal Wand. The powers of Crystal wands are high as they are designed to power activation.

Hurry up and grab this 70g Fluorite Wand for gifting eternal protection from harms to your BFF at 40% off! Fluorite crystal boosts enlightenment and by gifting the Fluorite Wand, you are guaranteeing lifelong wisdom too! 

7 Mystic Crystal Gifts for Christmas 2016-4

All of us hold a dear connection with our brothers, be it younger or older. If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas Gift that will stun your brother, try your hand at a back flow incense burner. Back flow technique makes the aromatic smoke stay in a mesmerizing fashion using the white trails of smoke.

To make him truly say ‘WOW’ buy this enchanting LED Incense Burner that changes colors as it is also an excellent sleeping aid!

5.      Rose Quartz Pendent for Your Man

 7 Mystic Crystal Gifts for Christmas 2016-57 Mystic Crystal Gifts for Christmas 2016-6

For the pretty ladies out there, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your man on Christmas, choose your main crystal as rose quartz and a macho pendant like a pinpoint or triangle.  This will not only appeal to him, he will also look forward to wearing them!

Made of a zinc alloy, this rose quartz solitaire pendant comes in a set of six stones- Blood Agate, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Rock Quartz, Tiger Eye and Opal. Apart from the captivating look of the pendant you’re also gifting a lifetime of luck and love to your partner.

Buy the rose quartz triangle pendants shaped at 75% off and gift your man this Christmas for boosting his Chakra Powers!

7 Mystic Crystal Gifts for Christmas 2016-7

 An ideal gift for siblings, Baby Elephant pendant is cute and timeless too. Made in a Zinc Alloy, baby elephant pendants are best with crystals on it. Choosing love and togetherness crystals such as mystic topaz will not only bring cheer to your sister, but luck in her life!

A stellar pendant in a rainbow sequence of colors, baby elephant mystic topaz necklace helps to reveal destiny and instill creativity too. Hurry up as the 60% discount offer ends in a few days! 

Etched in a rustic shade of metallic silver, vintage Ruby Men’s Ring is a heart-warming gift for all dads. Ruby is the crystal that brings families together and keeps the passion alive. Choose this enthralling Christmas gift for your lovely dad in, Vintage Ruby Men’s Ring, now available at 30% off! 

Before you go …

If you want to avoid the clutter-gifts and choose real gifts for the people you care about, instead,gift them love, happiness, abundance, prosperity and health by giving crystal gifts. 

Finally, if you’re done Christmas Shopping for the family, get yourself this AMAZING Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Basket available at a 40% discount!


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