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7 Fascinating Benefits Of Wearing Aquamarine Rings, Earrings And Necklaces

7 Fascinating Benefits Of Wearing Aquamarine Rings, Earrings And Necklaces

Queen Elizabeth II is 92, yet never forgets to wear her favorite aquamarine brooches. Queen Ena’s briolette aquamarine jewels are treasured more than Tut today. And, the Danish Crown Princess owns countless aquamarine girandole earrings, rings, and necklaces in her closet. That’s when I started wondering about the benefits of wearing aquamarine rings and jewelry? I felt like I needed to know it. If you are looking for the perfect stone to protect you and find your destiny, we’ve found the right one!

Aquamarine gemstone is March birthstone



Aquamarine is the birthstone of people born in March, seen in history since the early 17th century. Romans believed it can bud young love while Greeks had it embedded on every sailor as the talisman. What can aquamarine do for you?


What are the powers inside Aquamarine?

Aquamarine evokes power of throat chakra

The stone that looks like the clearest ocean, Aquamarine evokes the powers of the throat chakra. It makes you truthful, confident and clear in your speech.

Ever wanted to just shake the nervousness down and for once say what you wanna say out loud without trembling or breaking into a panic? Well, Aquamarine is your stone! There is nothing better than the glazing deep blue aquamarine ring when you’re out of your mind. It is a portal of otherworldly energies that I have my life to owe to. Ever touched an aquamarine?

Aquamarine can also heal vision and throat related disorders. In addition to the throat chakra, aquamarine can help in amplifying the powers of higher chakras such as the crown or third eye when used with stones of the latter chakras.

Anything from 2 hours to 12 hours is a good time to wear aquamarine. After that, cleanse it with a clear quartz before you wear it again!

7 Benefits Of Wearing Aquamarine Rings And Necklaces

Healing Power of Blue Aquamarine Necklace

Folklore says aquamarine was guarded by mermaids and kept in the deepest part of the ocean at Mermaid’s Cove. Perhaps that’s why the color of Aquamarine is maks your heart dance like the mermaids, eh?

Wearing aquamarine makes you look no less than the queen. I’ve carried my aquamarine rings like the Duchess at a ball. Once the energy of aquamarine touches your skin, it changes you. A positive calming energy comes over you and you’re flying in the happy hormones. Now, who wouldn’t love a slice of that when arthritis or migraines are killing you left, right and center!

Moreover, knowing what aquamarine can actually do opens your window of opportunities wide. Start experimenting, gals!

1.     Aquamarine Necklace Sits on the Throat Chakra

Silver Plated Blue Aquamarine Beads chain handmade   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Located on your throat, Aquamarine necklace has the most effective energy because it keeps your chakra charged throughout the day. Besides being the Sailor’s luck stone, Aquamarine also guards travelers. If you’re going to a foreign place and anxiety is hunting you by the spine, don’t just take the aquamarine necklace, wear it! Yes, wear it before you step out of your home for the journey because aquamarine can only protect you if you let it keep your throat chakra active to sense the dangers ahead of you!

2.     Chromotherapy through the Soothing Color of Aquamarine

Aquamarine Heart White Topaz Earrings - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Do you know more than half the Americans claim blue as their favorite color? You can’t argue because scientifically indigo makes your mind clear while aquamarine and similar light blue shades calm it down. Psychologically, the aquamarine blue chain necklaces and drop earrings bring down the temper.

If you’re freaking out or anxious, you need the blue gem, preferably on your fingers. Think of it as the blue pill of natural happiness. Take it with you everywhere you go, so that you can clutch onto it and say goodbye to your woes.

3.     Broadens your Senses with Aquamarine Rings

Blue Opal Ring With Aquamarine Stone   matans

Aquamarine earrings are ideal for mind therapy. These little specks of blue light on your fingers or neck help you unlock the secrets of the universe around you. That’s why our aquamarine buyers often leave reviews that ‘the stone changes my reality’. It’s true because if you’re not ready to face the real you, the sight of aquamarine will pain you.  

Acceptance of truth is easy when you wear the aquamarine necklace because it makes you aware of every decision you make clearer than ever. The more you spend time with aquamarine rings on you, the better it will help you open up your horizons.

4.     Aquamarine is a Destiny Seeker Stone in your Hand

Blue Opal Aquamarine Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

This stone is so weird, I jumped the first time I held it. So, be careful to hold it when you’re really ready to peek into your future. You will have visions or flashes of your past life, future or present that you’re unaware of.

Wearing aquamarine rings makes it easy to keep your body grounded and in contact with your guardian angel. We’re not kidding because that’s the voice you will hear once you begin meditating with aquamarine stones. It’s a guidance talisman stone that shows the right path you need to make.

5.     Stress Doesn’t Bother You When You Wear Aquamarine Necklace

Aquamarine Stone White Gold Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Science says blue is cooling and soothing to the body. That’s why the shimmering blue depths of aquamarine necklace accents your neck and protects you from the evil eye.

You feel like you’re gonna blast when you’re stressing right? That freaking out type of feeling, y’know? Well, aquamarine is a well-trained gemstone that stops it RIGHT AWAY! It can condense your temper into vapors, for real. That’s all because of the vivid and hypnotizing patterns that make you lose track of time in the blues of aquamarine. That’s why wearing aquamarine earrings can mesmerize your listeners unequivocally!

6.     Wealth is at Arm’s Length with Aquamarine Rings

Aquamarine Gold Vintage MEN Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Good fortune is not magic. It does not come from thin air. You need to make the wind bend your way. If that’s too hard, what worked for me is visualizing good fortune and wealth while wearing aquamarine jewelry.

How does aquamarine make your wealthy? Beats me, but this is what happens. By making your body and harmonious, aquamarine restructures your aura. It creates new and positive energies that clear the good fortune paved on your path. So, keep your aquamarine ring protected. Seen people kiss their gemstone rings on the poker tables? Now you know why!

7.     Aquamarine Engagement Rings Protects Holy Matrimonial Ties

Aquamarine 925 Sterling Silver Ring   matans

Do you know the engagement ring that Justin Timberlake proposed Jessica Biel with? An aquamarine! And, they are one of the handful of celebrities in Hollywood who’ve run the test of time. No more proofs required, right!

Aquamarine protects couples in relationships and marriages by keeping them in love with each other. It works by increasing the boundaries of trust in relationships. Traditionally, aquamarine is gifted to the morning after consummation of the marriage by the groom.

Before you go …

The first time, I touched at aquamarine, I saw flashes of my future and past life. It was ten years ago and I’m still stunned how real it all is. Have you ever touched an aquamarine? Buy one of our bestseller aquamarine rings to find your destiny too. They say discovering aquamarine stone is a sign that good luck in the shape of money is coming your way. Hooray!

Don’t think twice, your destiny has no more time to waste on unnecessary things. Get an aquamarine ring NOW! Here are is our aquamarine bestsellers to choose from.

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Read more about the myths, lores and metaphysical powers of aquamarine in our Healing Crystal Handbook on Aquamarine here.

Stay powerful~

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