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7 Brilliants Ways to Use Crystals For Cats

7 Brilliants Ways to Use Crystals For Cats

If you’re a cat lover crystal aficionado, we know that you have cat totem spirit stones already. But, do you know which crystals can make your cat healthier, active or happier?

With crystal energy, you can heal and help your lovely fur babies!

Cats, Stones and the Essential Crystal Rituals to Know

7 Brilliants Ways to Use Crystal For Cats

From soothing to healing, comfort, support and rehabilitation, crystals can be used for countless healing work on cats, just like humans. Cats have Eight Chakra Points (yes, they are awesome!) and the additional chakra is the Brachial chakra located below the neck, just above the heart.

Tapping into the crystal energy also gives you an exemplary chance to gift your lovely furbaby with well-being and pink of health.

How to Use Healing Crystals for My Cat?

7 Brilliants Ways to Use Crystal For Cats

Has your cat been diagnosed lately with something horrible?

We know the pain you’re through and want to help your love-fur. The perfect solution to speed the recovery or support, you can use the right healing crystals to activate the right chakra points

·         Crystal elixir

Infuse the cat crystals in the bath using sunlight, moonlight or crystal wands. Simplest way is to keep your crystal in a bowl of water overnight and then add it to your Kitty’s drinking bowl in the morning!

·         Massaging with Crystal for Cats

Using the right polished stone to massage the eight chakra points on your cat’s body will help in flushing out toxins using chakra energy. The same can be used for deep bonding with your fur baby.

·         Crystal Jewelry

Cats and jewels have always been a great combo, be it in cartoons or real life. Crystal pendants can be added to your cat’s wardrobe of accessories according to changing seasons, moods or physique of your kitty.

Therapeutic Healing Crystals that work on Cats

7 Brilliants Ways to Use Crystal For Cats

Cats are the loveliest creatures that are clever and great to live with. Just like each one of us, cats also undergo periodic mood swings to depression, frustration, anger and hyperactivity. If you’ve been finding it difficult to heal or calm your kitty, the crystals below will remind you of that.

Pearls for Lonely Cats

7 Brilliants Ways to Use Crystal For Cats

The unique color and shine of pearls lure cats to women, alike. Pearls are ideal for cats suffering from fear or depression. If you’re a regular office goer who needs to leave your kitty in the apartment when you go, your cat must be a victim of neglected depression.

Add a pearl around the neck of your cat and see the magic of cat heart chakra!

For Strength, buy Cat Eye Moonstone

7 Brilliants Ways to Use Crystal For Cats

Yet another notable mention amongst gemstone, Cat Eye Moonstone is a rejuvenating stone that also revitalizes the chakra points of your pet. Resembling the dilated eye of a cat, Cat Eye Moonstone when worn on the spleen of your cat, saves her from fatigue and weakness

Turquoise for Rehabilitating Rescue Cats

It is hard to flip the world we have now and turn it into a paradise overnight. But, one thing that you can do is doing your part. If you’re a savior of rescue animals, you know the pain and work that goes into rehabilitating the tiny ones.

Next time, make a turquoise elixir to make the feline feel safe and grounded around you.

Black Onyx for Infections

7 Brilliants Ways to Use Crystal For Cats

Every seasonal change comes with a heavy dose of infections and influenzas. One surefire way to vaccinate your cat as well as you is by using Black Onyx tonic. From allergens to parasites and bowel problems, black onyx is also excellent for indigestion in cats.

Relax your Hyperactive Feline with an Amethyst

7 Brilliants Ways to Use Crystal For Cats

Are you tired of playing with your hyperactive cat? Next time she cuddles for a game, ties an amethyst pendant across her neck and see how her 8th chakra works! Amethyst is an exceptional grounding stone that calms down cats and helps them to relax easily.

Black Agate For Bonding

7 Brilliants Ways to Use Crystal For Cats

If your kitten is finding it hard to cope with a new home or parents, you can use black agate for mood swings. Black agate is excellent for people who live in flats with their cats. Lack of exercise can make your cat groggy, so use this black agate next time you’re having an obedience training session!

Flexibility and Healing Citrine

7 Brilliants Ways to Use Crystal For Cats

From removing energy blocks in your cat to resolving allergies, citrine is a quintessential healing stone with crystal lovers with cats. Citrine balances the Sacral Chakra and awakens the life force in your cat to heal multiple areas including liver, kidney, bladder, heart, intestines, skin and stomach.

What we recommend

7 Brilliants Ways to Use Crystal For Cats

Crystals are used in ancient magic on flora to fauna and none is exempted from the healing. Read more on healing crystals for pets. Always remember to ensure that the crystals are not used loosely around cats to avoid choking hazards.

Bring your cat to the screen and show her one of the three crystals. Which one did she pick?

Tell us about the gem she picked in the comments below!

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Stay powerful~

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