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17 Most Expensive Gemstones in the World REVEALED

17 Most Expensive Gemstones in the World REVEALED

How much have you spent on crystals until now? Is it a $100? Perhaps a $1000. Let me tell you that does not equate to a fraction of the lowest top expensive gemstones in the world on our list. Don’t be shocked yet because we have the numbers on the most expensive gemstones in the world to amaze you coming ahead. You may own one of these gemstones someday. Who knows luck anyway!

17 Top Most Expensive Gemstones in The World

17 Most Expensive Gemstones in the World REVEALED

With 4000 minerals and 300 gemstones found on Earth, there are degrees grading the gemstones for their value. Today we will explore the most expensive gemstones in the world in the order high to low.

·      Blue Diamond, 3.93 Million Per Carat

Intense blue diamond is marked by collectors for its charm and brilliance. To put things in perspective, 0.5 carat pale blue diamond rakes in $50,000 USD while 0.5 carat intense blue brings $135,000 USD. Record has it that in 2016, a magnificently cut blue diamond weighing 14.62 carats was auctioned for $57.5 million. That diamond is the famous Oppenheimer diamond.

·      Pink Diamond, 1.208 Million Per Carat

Pink Star was auctioned at $71,200,000 at a weight of 59.6 carats while Graff pink brings in $46,000,000 at 24.68 carats. The rarest gem is also the pink star diamond that raked in $83.2 Million for 59.6 carats on Sotheby’s Auction in 2013. Unfortunately, the buyer failed to pay and the diamond currently sits at $72 million at $1,208,059 per carat.  

·      Ruby, 1.18 Million Per Carat

In Sanskrit, Ruby is called the King of Gems and in value, it really is. From pink to red, rubies are of different kinds. History has it that in 2015, Sotheby’s auctioned a $30 Million Ruby called the Sunrise Ruby after a Rumi poem, weighing 26 carats. Other expensive rubies are- Graff ruby at $8,570,000 weighing 8.62 carats and Burmese Ruby weighing 32.08 carats at $6,700,000.

·      Emerald, 305,000 Per Carat

The vivid dark forest green in emerald in a beauty to behold. Originating from Brazil, Columbia and Zamibia, Emerald is an expensive gem. It made the news in 2017 when the historical Rockefeller diamond was sold to Harry Winston for a whopping $5.5 million for the total ring.  It weighed 18.04 carats and was earlier bought by John D. Rockefeller for his wife before auctioning.

·      Jewel of Kashmir Sapphire, 243,702 per carat

Sapphire holds ground on the top ten most expensive gemstones. Jewel of Kashmir weighing 27.68 carats was sold at $243,702.60. It is one of the priced vivid sapphire, ahead of another unnamed sapphire sold at $210,844.17 per carat weighing 35.09 carats.

·      Padparchasa Sapphire, 52,000 Per Carat

Considered the rarest sapphire by collectors, Padparchasa is sold at prices of finely cut sapphires. Originating from Sri Lanka with a color mix of pink and orange, Padparchasa Sapphire was sold off at $775,951 weighing at 14.65 carats.

·      Musgravite, 35,000 Per Carat

Discovered in 1967, Australia, Musgravite is also one of the top ten most expensive crystals in the world. It is named after the region it was found in. In 1993, 2 musgravite stones from found. It is an aluminum oxide with presence of zinc, magnesium and iron. One of the rarest gemstones in the world, 8 pieces of musgravite was mined naturally in 2005. That’s ten musgravite totally in the world!

The colors on musgravite differ from a grey purple to pale olive green hues. Rarity of the gemstone dictates its price! If you have been sold any stone as musgravite, send it for a test because it is often confused with taaffeite.

·      Spinel, 29,217 Per Carat

A gemstone called the Hope Spinel was sold for $1,464,661.2438 weighing 50.13 carats at $29,217.26 per carat. The expensive stone of root chakra and sacral chakra powers, spinel is a collector’s favorite. You can get less elite grade spinel for cheaper prices in the market today.

·      Jadeite, 20,000 Per Carat

Do you know Jadeite can even fetch $3 Million per carat? Yes, it’s shocking. When Barbara Hutton’s Jadeite necklace with 27 elite grade beads were auctioned, the original designer Cartier who bought it off at $27.44 Million. It is called the Hutton Midivani necklace.

Finest of jadeite comes from Myanmar, the earlier Burma. Affordable nephrite jade and aventurine are good substitutes for jadeites.

·      Alexandrite, 12,000 Per Carat

A Russian gemstone, alexandrite can even fetch up to $70,000 per carat! Discovered 2 centuries ago, Alexandrite is also found in India, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Small alexandrites cost up to $12,000 per carat while large chunks can make up to $70,000 per carat. The largest Alexandrite is found at the Smithsonian estimated at $4 Million weighing 65.08 carats.

Alexandrite is valued for its color changing effects under different light. Chemically it is a fusion of chromium, iron and titanium. It is named at Alexander II.

·      Red Beryl, 10,000 Per Carat

Popular as red emerald to collectors, red beryl is a unique stone found in the Wah Wah mountains of Utah. Other origins of red beryl are Mexico. Rarest in the beryl group of gemstones, red beryl is 800 times rarer than rubies, one of the most expensive stone.

·      Benitoite, 3,800 Per Carat

Seen in violet and blue color, Benitoite can go up to $4,000 per carat. It is Barium, Titanium and Silicon Oxide. Chemically, it is made during the delayed cooling of a serpentaine that is altered hydrothermally. Originating from San Benito in California, Benitoite has a sapphire blue shade. It was once mistaken as spinel and then reclassified. Benitoite is never found in carat sizes more than three.

·      Black Opal, 3,500 Per Carat

One of the most expensive opals in the world, rarest of Black Opal comes from New South Wales in Australia. Lightninig ridge is the source of Black Opals. Sometimes amounting up to $9,500 per carat, black opal is the national stone of Australia. The Royal One is the most expensive black opal priced at $3 million at 306 carats. The opal was hidden from the world for 14 years until the miner who found it decided to sell it.

·      Demantoid Garnet, 3,300 Per Carat

The most expensive garnet in the world, Demantoid Garnet is the green garnet to crystal collectors. It has a diamond sheen with better brilliance than the hardest rock in the world. It was discovered in 19th century Russia by a mineralogist and is rare until date. It is a soft stone with gentle energies.

·      Taaffeite, 2,500 Per Carat

First discovered in a jewelry in Ireland (Dublin), Taaffeite is literally million times rarer than diamonds. Once thought of as spinel, taaffeite scores 8 on the MOHS hardness scale. The source of Taaffeite are Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Resembling amethyst in lilac, Taaffeite was discovered by Count Edward Charles Richard Taaffe when he was checking some of the Sri Lanka spinels he got. The cost of taaffeite ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 per carat.

·      Jeremjevite, 2,000 Per Carat

A blue purple stone that is rare, jeremjevite has a peculiar shade of blue. It is an aluminum borate Oxide fluoride hydroxide. Found in the late 19th century in Mt. Soktui in Siberia, Jeremjevite scores 7.5 on the MOHS scale.


Here’s the bonus next expensive stone in the world- Tanzanite, valued at around $1,200 Per Carat.  

Do you have any of the stones mentioned above? Ping us with a comment below if you do!

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