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10 Shocks To Expect When Using Crystals For Immunity

10 Shocks To Expect When Using Crystals For Immunity

Be it dogs, humans or cats, when our immunity is under threat, the health collapses steadfast.

10 Shocks To Expect When Using Crystals For Immunity

From colds to influenza, allergies, chronic ailments and severe organ failures, there are many cures that gemstone therapy can introduce to you, if you’re ready for it!

Ways to Heal Autoimmune Disorders with healing Crystals and Reiki  

10 Shocks To Expect When Using Crystals For Immunity

As our immune system is the master protector of the body, impairment to immunity also results in multiple diseases to chronic weakness and terminal illnesses. A weak immune system can be repaired by empowering the Thymic chakra, which flushes out toxins and rejuvenates your key organs.

10 Shocks To Expect When Using Crystals For Immunity

Connected with the Heart and Throat Chakras, you can use Crystal Grids to elevate your chakra powers or drink gem elixirs regularly. Remember to cleanse the crystal after each session to avoid reversing the healing effects.

10 Healing Crystals For Immune Disorders

10 Shocks To Expect When Using Crystals For Immunity

When your mental body suffers, it accumulates negativity inside, which can be the cause and effect of imbalance in chakras. Use healing crystals to program your chakras, and thereby introduce amplified recovery, in addition to your medicines.

Green Healing Jade

Helping in severe illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, immunity crystals such as jade contain powerful healing energies of green color that revitalize the wearer. Wearing jade pendants, choker necklaces or chains are considered ideal to activate the higher heart chakra as it regulates blood circulation effectively.

Empowering Rhodonite

An important heart chakra crystal, Rhodonite is prescribed alongside medicines of eczema, ulcers and chronic fatigue. Renowned to heal autoimmune disorders by awakening healing chakras around hearts, lungs, stomach and brain, rhodonite powers the wearer.

Immune Boost with Malachite

Making gem elixir of malachite is an immune system booster that works well when you meditate with it. Programming malachite for immune system strengthens and heals it owing to the anti-inflammatory traits it possesses.

Malachite activates the throat chakra and instills emotions of compassion in addition to healing chronic allergies.

Double Chakra Activation with Leopard Jasper

A powerful stone filled with the potent energy of revitalizing you to the speed of a Leopard, the leopardskin jasper is excellent if you’re suffering from issues of the thyroid too. Activating both higher heart and throat chakra, Leopard Jasper also helps in absorbing nutrients and minerals efficiently too.  

Reverse Degeneration and Aging with Emerald

A gentle stone with powerful energy, Emerald is excellent for those suffering from issues of aging. Make crystal patches on your throat or heart chakra with emerald to power healing vibrations throughout your body.

Emerald is a recommended gemstone for those suffering from chronic bone disorders as Emerald also revitalizes the body by dispelling deficiencies due to iron and calcium.

Balance in Physical health with Fluorite Wand

Using a fluorite wand to program your heart chakra is ideal for people suffering from viral infections as well as terminal illnesses. A protective stone with excellent powers, fluorite can regenerate DNA as well as cell structure to reverse the immune disorders due to ill-health.

If your recent events of fainting are related to the lack of immunity, use fluorite to activate your heart chakra for immune system stimulation as well as balance!

Spiritual Intervention with Aquatic Agate

Considered a powerful medium to contact the higher realm and seek help for treating your immune disorders, Aquatic Agate can be used as gem elixirs or baths too. A mighty purification crystal, Aquatic Agate beads helps in controlling the weight, decrease blood disorders as well as thyroid issues by triggering the lymph flow.

Boosting Metabolism and Strength with Garnet

From boosting your metabolism to blood circulation, garnet is an all-rounder stone that also stabilizes the health of the wearer. From treating Down ’s syndrome to DNA degeneration to vitamin deficiencies, Garnet also aligns all your chakras in the correct order by ejecting the toxins within you.

Preventing Autoimmune disorders with Lapis Lazuli

Uplifting your immune system is a piece of cake when you’re using the crystal Lapis Lazuli. An Egyptian favorite, Lapis Lazuli brings virility to healing for extreme immune disorders including cancer by activating the Throat Chakra. Use Lapis Lazuli for crystal programming or as wands to activate your higher heart for healing.

Lapis Lazuli is excellent for those suffering from Hashimoto’s disease as Lapis Lazuli balances the throat chakra when worn as a choker too.

Master Healer Labradorite

Yet another healing blue energy stone, Labradorite is gorgeous feldspar called the stone of new age for being a master healer of any disease, old to new. From revitalizing the wearer to healing underlying distress and fatigue, Labradorite also fills the mind with a new energy to live.

Labradorite is excellent for autoimmune disorders such as allergies, erratic blood pressure, weakness, cold and hot sensitivity too.

What we recommend

10 Shocks To Expect When Using Crystals For Immunity

Our immune system is powered by the Higher Heart or the Thymic chakra. By activating the hidden energies of Yin, Yan, Prana, Mana and much more, you must be fit physically and mentally.

Which Crystal made you feel a strange dash of power from below?

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Stay powerful~

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