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13 Outrageous Ideas for Organizing Gemstones in your Car

13 Outrageous Ideas for Organizing Gemstones in your Car

Check the inside of your car. Do you have any amulets or talismans inside? Wearing stones are excellent to protect you from negative energies such as stress. But, what do you do when you’re driving via stressful areas? To protect yourself and the Car, if you love your ride, use gemstones for vehicles, car or SUV right away!

Why are healing crystals for Cars important?

7 Ideas To Organize Your Own <strong>Gemstones For Vehicles</strong>

Gemstones of vehicles come with an array of positive opportunities for the user. It can be used to counter the imbalances of the chakras as well as the external harms that come your way. To start, you need to know what exactly can the healing crystals for vehicles do for you.


Protecting your from evil eye to curses and deflecting the negativity is the added benefit of using crystals when driving. It will also eject the negativity and resolve feuds, if your vehicle is home to permanent fights in your family.

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When you’re driving through an area you’re afraid or unaware of, it is best to count your favorite crystals of directions. It can help you reach your destination safely without getting lost. Crystals for road trips are included below to help you out!

Feng Shui

Feng shui demands clean flow of air plus aesthetic elements to attract wealth, health and good fortune to your life. Feng shui helps in a variety of ways when used inside or around a vehicle.

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Many things can distract you from the goals when you’re driving to your destination. Keeping healing crystals can help you attain focus and alertness by charging individual chakras.

How to use Gemstones for Cars

7 Ideas To Organize Your Own <strong>Gemstones For Vehicles</strong>

Healing crystals contain limitless energies often used to intersect the negativities in your life. Unlock the superpowers of excellent driving NOW!

·         Mirror pendant

When you use as a faceted gemstone, it can project mirroring abilities to realize your dreams and safety in multiple directions. All you need to do is hang the stone or add to the seat pockets invisible to the travelers.

·         Décor

By adding gemstones aesthetically to your car, it boosts the beauty and harmonious vibes within the car. Gemstones décor for the car is a DIY project you must do on you own, based on your connection with the gemstones.

·         Elixir

Making gem elixirs is easy. All you need to do is solarize or lunarize the gemstone. Still confused? Check this detailed post on making gem elixirs right away! 

Which Gemstones for Cars are Most Effective

7 Ideas To Organize Your Own <strong>Gemstones For Vehicles</strong>

Driving a car or even being a passenger comes with a lot of stress and responsibilities. It is your duty to find ways to resolve the same. Else negativity from within you will tamper your peace and well-being.

An excellent way to do it is by using gemstones systematically in your car based on your needs and issues.

Amethyst at the Deck

7 Ideas To Organize Your Own <strong>Gemstones For Vehicles</strong>

One of the most powerful purple stones for activating the higher chakras, amethyst can help to eject the intoxication in the driver as well as passengers within the vehicle you keep it. As amethyst is a Crown chakra stone, it will keep the passengers alert. 

Aquamarine under the Seats

7 Ideas To Organize Your Own <strong>Gemstones For Vehicles</strong>

A Throat chakra gemstone having powers to heal, aquamarine is a protection gemstone that helps to keep the dangers that come with driving, far-far away! Aquamarine can also come in handy during accidents too. 

Citrine behind the Seats

10+ Ideas To Organize Your Own Gemstones For Vehicles

One of the powerful, multi-chakra stone, citrine contains multiple energy vibrations to empower those within the vehicle, including the driver. Citrine activates Sacral, Crown and Solar Plexus that guarantees power, intuition and well-being to the people within your vehicle, at all times. 

Rose Quartz on the Ceiling

10+ Ideas To Organize Your Own Gemstones For Vehicles

Yet another essential part of happy car time with your family comes with the love crystals. As rose quartz emanates vibrations of supreme love and divine oneness, it can help you dispel negativity and feuds within the car. It is a very powerful Heart chakra gemstone, so ensure that it is placed in the center of the vehicle.   

Hematite at the back

10+ Ideas To Organize Your Own Gemstones For Vehicles

One of the most powerful stones that ensure direction and protection, hematite must be placed at the back of the vehicle, ideally next to the window for protection. It is a Root chakra gemstone with insurmountable manifestation and protection powers. Hematite can also be worn by people to deflect the external stimuli that harm you.

Malachite at the Window

10+ Ideas To Organize Your Own Gemstones For Vehicles

Another gemstone of optimum powers for travelers, malachite is a gemstone of compassion, akin to rose quartz. It also activates the Heart chakra, just enough to ensure harmony and oneness in between the travelers. Malachite must be placed next to the window to prevent evil eye from touching the passengers.

In a Nutshell

10+ Ideas To Organize Your Own Gemstones For Vehicles

It is not always easy to cope with the stress of driving when you’re a beginner. Cut the cortisol secretions and start accessorizing your car with feng shui gemstones for a better hold on your safety.

Did this gemstone make you feel secure?

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Stay powerful~

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