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Emerald Charm Silver Necklace (Shipping to US only)

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Using these green crystals is an excellent stress relief method, and Emerald stones are known to improve your memory and give you clarity and greater understanding.They are stones of manifestation, and although today's society seems to concentrate on the attributes of manifesting things, including money, this stone brings through much more.If you desire to use this stone to help you to manifest loving attributes, good health and a peaceful, loving and harmonious existence, or to learn how to stay happy, you might like to have this stone in your life.
  • Pendant Size:15*18mm(19/32" x 45/64");
  • Main Stone Size:8*10mm(5/16"x 25/64");
  • Necklace Length:45cm(18")
  • Stone Color:green
  • tone Cut: Oval;
  • Stone Quantity:12;
  • Weight:2.5g;
  • Necklace Weight:1.8g;
  • Intended Use: Mothers-day, Wedding, Valentines-day, Anniversary, Birthday, Party, Prom and Christmas;

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