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Crystals for Grounding

When you’re ungrounded, you’re dizzy, out of tune and disoriented with your reality. Grounding can eject the negativity that you’ve absorbed through your waking hours and disperse it through the ground or higher chakras. Grounding helps you relax and find balance.

Lava Stone

A type of igneous rocks filled with the power of base chakra, lava stone is porous. It can absorb hefty negativity, evil or curses and eject it into the ground. You can wear a lava stone bracelet to always keep your aura cleansed. Lava stone relaxes emotions from a state of panic, stress or anxiety.

Lava Stone Bracelet

Black Volcanic Lava Stone Bracelet - For Men - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

How to Use Lava Stone for Grounding?

  • Take a clear quartz and purify your lava rocks by circling it thrice.
  • Lay down on the yoga mat.
  • Take your lava stone bracelet and place it on your root chakra.
  • Meditate visualizing the intention you want.
  • Relax your thoughts.
  • Open your eyes and wear the bracelet on the left hand.

Beaded Lava Stone Bracelet with Howlite

Beaded Chakra Bracelets   Lava stone Turquoise   matans

How to Use Lava Stone for Grounding?

  • Purify your lava stone in the sunlight for an hour.
  • Take your lava stone-howlite bracelet in your left hand.
  • Point a crystal wand at the bracelet.
  • While chanting, touch the tip of the wand on individual stones.
  • Close your eyes and grip the bracelet tightly while pointing the wand.
  • Wear it afterwards.

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The stone of immense grounding and calmness, hematite is believed to contain the blood of martyrs. It is a lucky stone that keeps you in balance. Grounding crystal bracelets made of hematite invoke spiritual consciousness and positivity. Hematite gives courage and confidence with its grounding boost.

Hematite Bracelet

Hematite Bracelet with Brass

How to Use Hematite for Grounding?

  • Take your hematite in the left hand and circle a clear quartz wand in the right hand over the left thrice.
  • Once cleaned, take the hematite bracelet and place it on a table.
  • Place the clear quartz wand in the center.
  • Hold your palms over the mini crystal grid to charge it.
  • Chant affirmations like, ‘recharge, rejuvenate, revitalize’.
  • Open your eyes and wear the bracelet immediately.

Hematite Raw Pendant

Natural Healing Crystal Rocks   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   6

How to Use Hematite for Grounding?

  • Clean your hematite pendant by placing it in the sun for 30 minutes.
  • Now take the pendant and point the tip towards your root chakra.
  • Close your eyes while holding the same position.
  • Continue until your hands stop vibrating.
  • Wear the pendant after the ritual of grounding crystal.

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Stone of etheric consciousness, amethyst can remove negativity from your body and detox the mind. It is a grounding stone that does not connect with earth, but the etheric realm. Amethyst gives you clarity and consciousness. It clears the obstacles out of your way and helps you see optimism.

Amethyst Uruguay for Feng Shui

Natural Uruguay Amethyst Crystal Stone   matans

How to Use Amethyst for grounding?

  • Take the amethyst in your palms and clean it with a clear quartz wand for ten minutes.
  • Now place the amethyst in the southeast part of your bedroom.
  • Clean the crystal every morning and charge it by placing your hands on it.
  • Chant your affirmations while you transfer heat energy from your hand to the crystal.

Amethyst Dowsing Pendant

Natural Amethyst stone Pendulums - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

How to Use Amethyst for grounding?

  • Take your amethyst dowsing pendant and clean it in a Tibetan bowl.
  • Lay down on the yoga mat.
  • Read the vibration of the dowsing pendant by holding it over your different chakras.
  • Communicate with vibrations to determine ‘yes’ and ‘no’.
  • Start asking questions when you are ready.
  • Align each chakra with amethyst dowsing pendant crystal.

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