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Crystals for Good Luck

Good feng shui attracts good luck, prosperity, success and wealth, to name a few. Good luck crystals will bring winning opportunities and attract wisdom into your life. It helps you grow and take reign of your destiny. Crystals for luck and prosperity can bring you the fortunes you’ve always wanted.


Pearls are lucky, regardless of what the rumors say. The mark of opulence and a marine stone derived with its oceanic attributes, pearl welcomes prosperity and abundance. Wearing pearl brings one personal success and achievements. Pearls are good luck crystals filled with energy to bring everything you desire.

Pearl Dangle Earrings

Pearl Dangle Earrings Set in 14K Gold

How to Use Pearl earrings for Luck?

  • Take your pearl earrings and circle it over a clear quartz thrice to clean it.
  • Now take it in the palm of your hand and close it.
  • Visualize the energy from your palm charging the pearl.
  • Chant affirmations such as ‘bring me luck, conjure prosperity, beckon good fortune’.
  • Chant until you feel the words slurring.
  • Do it before wearing the pearl earrings to attract luck towards you.

Pearl Strand Necklace

Resizable Black/White Pearl Choker Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

How to Use Pearl for Luck?

  • Take your pearl necklace in the left hand and clear quartz wand in the right hand.
  • Circle the wand over the pearl necklace thrice to clean it.
  • Now take the pearl necklace and close it in the palm of your right hand.
  • Take the wand and point it at the right hand.
  • Meditate while visualizing your manifestation.
  • Do it before wearing the pearl necklace.

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Red Coral

Blessed by Mars, red coral brings prosperity and good fortune. Crystal for attracting luck if you’re unlucky in career or love, red coral can change your life. It welcomes winning opportunities and success into your life. Use red coral stones for abundance of wealth!

Red Coral Necklace

Red Sea Coral Necklace

How to Use Red Coral for Luck?

  • Take your red coral necklace in your left hand.
  • Circle the right hand holding a clear quartz wand over the left hand.
  • Place the red coral on your heart chakra.
  • Meditate for five minutes while visualizing your affirmations.
  • Do it before wearing your red coral crystal for luck.

Red Coral Boho Necklace

Natural Coral Boho Necklace

How to Use Red Coral for Luck?

  • Take your red coral necklace in your right hand and clean it with a clear quartz in the other hand.
  • Red coral should be placed in a Tibetan bowl afterwards.
  • Rub the mallet in a circle over the edge of the bowl on a full moon night.
  • Do it for 30 minutes.
  • Wear it for the whole month without recharging it.
  • Cleanse it after wear.

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Tiger Eye

Stone for concentration and sharpness, tiger eye also beckons luck. It is a good luck charm crystal that harmonizes your auric energies to attract luck naturally towards you. Tiger eye bonds with your lower chakras to make you balanced and satiated about life.

Red Tiger Eye Bracelet

Natural Red Tiger Eye Agate Bracelet

How to Use Tiger Eye for Luck?

  • Take your red tiger eye bracelet and place it in a Tibetan bowl to clean it.
  • After cleansing the bracelet, take a glass of water.
  • Place the tiger eye over a coaster and place the coaster on the glass of water.
  • Now let it sit under the moonlight for 4 hours.
  • Afterwards, sprinkle the tiger eye elixir over your work area.
  • Do it after waking up, at dawn preferably.

Tiger eye Pendant Chain Rosary

6 MM Tiger Eye & Onyx with Antique Beads Hamsa Fatima Hand Pendant Necklace for Men - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

How to Use Tiger Eye for Luck?

  • Take your tiger eye pendant in the right hand and using the left hand holding a selenite wand, cleanse the crystal.
  • Now take your tiger eye pendant and place it on the sacral chakra.
  • Close your eyes and visualize the energy of the crystal awakening your lower chakra points.
  • Meditate and chant affirmations for inviting luck into your life.
  • Do it before wearing the pendant on a Tuesday.

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