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St. Patrick's Day Collection

St. Patrick's day is a day devoted to celebrate the luck of Green. If you don’t have Green Clover, get a Green Healing Crystal that pulls the Good Luck! 

Which Green Stones to Use or Gift on St. Patrick’s Day?

The Color Green in Gemstones and Healing Crystals recommend Growth, Progress and Life itself. It can help you achieve ridiculous growth because it attracts the most positive opportunities to you. If you’ve ever wanted a real clover leaf, green gemstones are the solid luck you can actually use. 

  • GREEN OPAL: A symbol of green fire, the green fire opal is a gorgeous stone for people of all ages searching for purpose of life.
  • PERIDOT: An olivine stone of growth, Peridot can help to remove the boulder in your personal or professional life!
  • EMERALD: A heart stone filled with the power to grow and expand your heart chakra, Emerald is a love luck stone.
  • JADE: A feminine stone filled with the power to outgrow your emotions, Jade is a mothering stone.
  • AMAZONITE: A stone for leaders awaiting lucky changes, Amazonite can heal your series of bad luck too!