Vintage Star London Blue Topaz Ring

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Topaz, keep it with your money and see the magic unfurl!

Topaz is a stone of Manifestation. It brings your dreams to the surface and helps you achieve them. It was believed that once a person wore Topaz neck or near Third Eye Chakra, even death could not stop him!

Topaz attracts wealth to the user by calming the greed inside the heart and converting negativity into positivity. By doing so, Topaz sets realistic goals for the user to achieve. As Topaz is an excellent amulet to ward off the evil eye, jealousy and evil will not hinder your economic wealth.

Want a stressbuster gemstone that works like magic? Blue Fire Opal distills your stress into colors that your sight with. Next time, stress is eating you up, hold a blue fire opal and visualize the best place in your head and see the mojo unfold!

According to our beloved users and their testimonials, Blue Fire Opal is a charm for those often lost in the maze of their thoughts. Programming Blue Fire Opal helps to balance the Sacral Chakra or that of the Kundalini Energy to revitalize your purpose of living.

Blue Fire Opal is perfect for those with a weak physique or vulnerable health. The blue fiery gemstone helps to balance the body by ejecting the toxins outright.

Style: Vintage

Ring Size: Adjustable Size


Metals Type925 Sterling Silver

Metal Stamp: 925,Sterling

Main Stone: Topaz

Item Weight: 1.3 g


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