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19 Design Natural Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklaces


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When using our healing crystals products, you can expect major benefits among:

♦ Increased self-love and self-esteem

♦ Better relationships with loved ones

♦ Improved intuition and spiritual connection


Made to symmetrically resemble and resonate energies like a minuscule crystal wand, this wand pendant of gemstones is a standout addition to your wardrobe. With each wand pendant filled with varied metaphysical virtues and abilities, each one comes from a pure gemstone. Minimalist and gorgeous, they fill for fashion and faith simultaneously.

Opalite - An opalescent stone with the gorgeous cloud shimmering over the stone, this pendant is radiance at its best. It is a crown chakra stone that cultivates abilities like clairvision and intuition.

Rose Quartz - The heart chakra stone symbolizing divine love, rose quartz can fill your heart with positivity and compassion too. When worn as a wand pendant, it points towards the heart and keeps it programmed throughout the day.

Amethyst - The beautiful purple stone of crown chakra, amethyst awakens your psychic abilities such as intuition and foresight. It can help in removing confusions and distractions from your life.

Purple Fluorite -A protective wand pendant, this purple fluorite jewelry is one of a kind for its distinct patterns and charm. It raises the third eye chakra to open your inner eye to show what is hidden around you.

Green Aventurine - If you want to attract success and peace into your life at once, green aventurine is the answer. It is a higher heart chakra stone that soothes and attracts lucky opportunities your way.

Clear Quartz - The ultimate crystal of purification and cleansing, a clear quartz pendant wand will keep you positive by dispelling the negativity in you. It purifies the chakra and keeps you protected, physically and spiritually.

Malachite - Infamous stone for mothers and caretakers, malachite is a healer’s stone too. It raises the heart chakra vibrations to make you empathetic, compassionate and kind. Wearing this malachite pendant helps to find calmness easily.

Blue Sandstone - A crystal pendant that shimmers any way you wear it, blue sandstone is a third eye and throat chakra stone that helps you make confident. It can raise your brain power to make you conscious and courageous about the reality around you.

Lapis Lazuli - The stone of golden nights, lapis lazuli crystal wand pendant here is an artisanal piece from a precious gemstone. It is believed to attract wisdom as it is filled with third eye chakra powers. Lapis lazuli was once an amulet worn for protection!

Turquoise Blue - A stone that brings the teal oceans closer, turquoise is a gemstone that raises the immunity of the body. When worn with the pointy end facing down, this pendant can connect with your throat chakra and make you physically healthy.

Green Turquoise - A rare variety of turquoise that resembles amazonite, green turquoise is a distinctly dramatic stone. It combines the powers of heart and throat chakras to raise your self-esteem and listening capabilities fit for a leader.

Howlite - A wand pendant of etheric dreams, this howlite crystal pendant wand is a powerful beauty. It calms stress, protects you from EMF risks and purifies your thoughts. Wear it for spiritual awakening!

Black Onyx - If you want to be protected from radiation, pollution and energy attacks around you, this black onyx crystal wand pendant will be your amulet. It is a stone that grounds you to eradicate the evil eye and curses too.

Rhodonite - Naturally gorgeous and flattering, Rhodonite has an antique allure that impresses whoever looks at it. That has to do with its heart chakra vibrations that make you glow with a rosy shade. It keeps you healthy and happy!

Unakite - You don’t want to miss the powers of unakite because it is filled with a variety of chromo-therapeutic attributes. The green and pink colors raise the higher heart chakras to relieve anxiety and depression to help you succeed in your career.

Red Jasper - The stone of root chakra that grounds you the moment you touch it; red jasper helps you calm down. For angry and stressed out people, red jasper cultivates patience, calmth and mindfulness.

Tiger Eye - Harnessing the powers of sacral, solar plexus and root chakras, the tiger eye is a superbly calming stone. It helps you focus while being the ultimate fashion fix. It is the perfect accessory to upgrade your wardrobe, whether it is for office or party!

Snowflake Obsidian - For people who live with anxiety or over-emotional psyche, snowflake obsidian can be the cooling paradise. It is a soothing stone that protects and nourishes you while looking flatteringly stunning. It removes chaos by grounding by charging your base chakra.

Carnelian - Stone of health and joy, carnelian is the red deluxe stone of the elite. Its fiery depths can energize you and turn around your life. Carnelian can improve metabolism and help in weight loss when worn as a wand pendant that points at the solar plexus chakra.

How to Clean your Crystal Wand Pendant?

Never touch your crystal wand pendant with water. Always use a soft-bristle brush or a cotton ball to physically clean it every week to prevent the alloys from creating green black colors on your skin.

As for cleansing it metaphysically, use clear quartz or selenite wand to hover over the pendant at the end of the day when you’re taking it off.

Item Type: Pendants
Pendants Type: Slide
Material: Crystal
Pendant Material: Black Leather, Natural Crystal Stones
Pendant Size: 3cm Length* 1cm Width
Pendant Weight: 8g/pcs
Pendant Plating: Silver Plated

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