Garnet Natural White Chalcedony Bracelet
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Garnet Natural White Chalcedony Bracelet

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Prominently known as the Speaker’s stone, chalcedony is a stone of truth and enlightenment.  Legends claim that chalcedony is a stone to enhance communication as well as destiny. It gives you the courage to vent your heart out without making any compromises.



One of the vital silicate red minerals that have been man’s best friend since 5000 years of human history, Garnet is synonymous with many symbols such as the Warrior Stone to pomegranates owing to its eye-turner look.

The deep red stone has been long since epitomized as the embodiment of passion to love and fidelity. Even Noah used a finely cut garnet that glowed to keep the endless nights and days on the legendary ark lit amidst the first Apocalypse!


Item Type: Bracelets

Compatibility: All Compatible

Clasp Type: Toggle-clasps

Material: Stone

Chain Type: Rope Chain

Weight: 10g

Main Stones: Garnet & Chalcedony