1 pc Natural Polished Labradorite Stone Slab from Madagascar (Shipp
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Natural Polished Labradorite Stone Slab from Madagascar


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1 pc Natural Polished Labradorite Stone Slab from Madagascar


- Average weight of 175-350 carats each pc.

 Product Description

The Polished Labradorite Slabs you are ordering are spectacular high energy stones from a specific mine in Madagascar. We only receive material from a specific area of the mine that produces a superior grade of labradorite containing a large amount of schiller which provides a superior color flash. Each piece is then hand cut to size and polished on one face to expose a brilliant spectrum of colors which are visible when viewed at the correct angle.

Metaphysical Properties: Labradorite is a stone of transformation and change which helps to promote feelings of inner worth. It is highly mystical and heightens intuition and enhances psychic ability while protecting against negative energies. Labradorite is used to balance and strengthening the aura, while also sealing it to protect it from energy leaks. It also helps when facing a challenge by providing strength and perserverance until success, and is especially useful when dealing with an addiction or trying to break unhealthy habits.

** VERY IMPORTANT: The following applies to ALL labradorite and explains how the color flash works and how it forms in nature. The Labradorescence effect (also called schiller effect) that you see in our images only occurs when the stones are viewed at the correct angles. These polished slabs will ALL show a color flash with some having more blues, some with more yellows, and some with more of a rainbow effect as you can see in our images. As you can see, some pieces have color across the entire face and some have areas without as much color or where you need to view them from a different angle to see the color.

  • One side of the 3/8" thick slab is hand polished to unleash a brilliant spectrum of colors!
  • The weight of each piece is a massive 175 to 300 carats average!
  • From a High Schiller area of the mine for superior color flash!
  • Each piece is unique and you will receive a stone similar to the images shown!
  • Includes only authentic Hypnotic Gems certified stones - Mined from specific veins and hand polished exclusively for Hypnotic Gems to ensure quality!


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